get to know me meme: [6/5] favorite movies » titanic

↳ I believe you may get your headlines, Mr. Ismay.

Got a smoke?

Mutant and proud.


I don’t watch the show, but I think about this quote a lot.

I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself, and ways to do things that are kind of scary.

lost show is a story of…
#lost #q

game of thrones & silhouettes

We’re genetically identical, or whatever. It’s actually kind of cool. (x)

Wolves and women wed for life. You take one, that’s a marriage. The wolf is part of you from that day on, and you’re part of him. Both of you will change.

Good intentions, bad science. Sound familiar?


Kill Your Darlings + colors abound

the walking dead + under the dome quote

" I believe in the original definition of "apocalyspe". It’s Greek. To uncover, or reveal.

That’s what crises do. They reveal character, strength. Or not.”